How do these parts connect to each other?

  • Parts mount together seamlessly with our hand selected low-profile hardware that is included with each part. Our low-profile hardware requires a ⅛” hex screwdriver, which you can purchase on our accessories page if you need
  • You may also use any standard ¼” diameter hardware of your choice, to replace our supplied hardware
  • Check out the how to video on our support page for a detailed, visual representation of mounting parts together

Do the parts come with hardware? 

  • Yes! Each part does come with enough hardware to connect to any other of our parts

How do I attach my pedals to your parts?

  • Pedals can be attached with the 3M Dual Lock that offer as an add-on to each part, or you can use any standard velcro of your choice

Where can I get more velcro? 

  • We sell additional 3M Dual Lock on our accessories page LINK

Do I need adapter plates for my order?

  • You need adapter plates for mounting front and rear parts together without the use of one of our “Long” parts or “Side Trays” on any given side
  • *** We will reach out to you if we see that you have not selected enough adapter plates for the parts that you order

Do you have cases for your pedalboards?

  • While we do not currently have any cases to offer for these boards, we recommend the following options:
  • Soft Cases:
    1. SKB 1SKB-UB2020 Mixer Bag - 20" x 20" x 5" - $94.99
    2. Gator G-MIXERBAG-2118 - 21" x 18" x 7" - $94.99
    3. Gator G-MIXERBAG-1815 - 18" x 15" x 6.5" - $69.99
    4. Gator G-MIX-L 1822 Semi-Rigid - 18" x 22" x 7" - $169.99
  • Hard Cases:
    1. Eylar - 18.06" x 12.89" x 6.74" Internal Dimensions - $94.99
    2. Monoprice - 30" x 19" x 12" Internal Dimensions - $315.99
    3. Custom Dimension Road Cases
    4. NSP Custom Flight Cases
    5. Creation Music Co. Custom Live-In Pedalboard Cases

      Do you have patch bays for your pedalboards?

      • Yes, we have both side-facing "Patch Bay's" which have 5 mono TS connections, and rear-facing "Modules", which allow you to select either 2 or 3 locking TRS/XLR Out/XLR In's of your choice.

      Where do I mount my power supply? 

      • You can mount your power supply anywhere that it fits under the board. We typically install power supplies in either the rear center, back left, or back right for best plug in access. 
      • Reference the guide on our Support page to see which parts will fit your power supply

      How do I mount my power supply once I know where I want it?

      • We recommend mounting power supplies with our 3M Dual Lock or with velcro of your preference

      I have [these pedals and this power supply]. What would be a good setup for me?

      • Check out our 3D Pedalboard Configurator to build a setup with all of your gear.  Our parts are also on for 2D configuration. If you are still having trouble, feel free to take advantage of our valuable consultation under the Custom Builds tab

      If I could only buy one part, which one would you suggest? 

      • This is dependent on how many/which pedals you have, however we recommend the Long Slant 16 for the price per unit of real estate. If you are just getting started with pedals and effects this will provide you the space to grow, while if you already have lots of pedals this part will allow you to test out the largest setup we offer on just one stand alone part


      If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please contact us below. We appreciate any feedback, and will continue to update this page with information based on direct contacts.

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