For years, like you, we would either painstakingly build or go through the expensive process of purchasing new equipment only to outgrow them as time went on. Whether it was a real estate issue as our pedal collection grew, or that we simply got bored with our layouts and setups, there was much to be desired.

3, 2, 1, BOOM!

After lots of R&D Morton Pedalboards was introduced in July, 2020. We ran a pre-order campaign from September 8th - October 8th 2020 and successfully fulfilled all orders by November 15th 2020. From there we placed our first major production order and started standard ordering on November 15th, 2020. We currently ship world-wide off our website, but would like to secure distribution pathways in Europe, Asia, and Australia to reduce shipping cost/time to our international customers and future dealers.

We have been continuing development throughout 2021 and are now in a position for our company to grow with added accessories such as power supply brackets and routing modules. In the future we hope to develop our own cases and hinged parts. A successful Kickstarter campaign will enable us to place another production run and continue listening to customer feedback and improve our product development.

Since the beginning, our 18 unique parts have used a standardized mounting pattern that allows the user to connect them in any configuration that they need. It encourages those new to the pedal industry to start small and expand as their pedal collection grows. It also lets experienced pedal-heads create a modular board that morphs with their ever-changing pedal set up, as they conceive new ideas and take them to the studio and stage.

Imagine Mor Possibilities.