Unsure of which parts/layouts suit your needs? We offer Layout Design Consulting and Custom Builds. Order layout design consulting or a custom build prior to buying parts and we will walk you through the entire process of building your ultimate setup!


Layout Design Consulting includes the following attributes:

1) Pre-consultation

     - You provide a picture of your current setup,

     - A list of which pedals you toggle on/off the most,

     - A list of which pedals are "always on" or that you use the least,

     - Which power supply/case you are using,

     - The primary use(s) of your setup (studio, live, practice, etc.)

     - We ask additional questions as necessary

2) Initial Layouts

     - Pictures of multiple layouts that could work for you

     - You then provide feedback on which layouts/attribute you prefer

     - We continue curating layouts until you are satisfied

3) Final Layout

     - Picture of final layout design

     - Dimensions and specifications of the final layout

     - Calculated length of 3M Dual Lock needed for all parts and pedals

     - Quote (using website costing) of all parts

4) You place the parts order at your convenience

* FREE RETURN SHIPPING provided on all unused parts within 30 days of delivery

Custom Builds include everything in the Layout Design Consulting, as well as the following attributes: