Collection: CONSULTING

Unsure of which parts/layouts suit your needs? We offer Layout Design Consulting and Custom Builds. Order layout design consulting or a custom build prior to buying parts and we will walk you through the entire process of building your ultimate setup!


Layout Design Consulting includes the following attributes:

1) Pre-consultation

     - You provide a picture of your current setup,

     - A list of which pedals you toggle on/off the most,

     - A list of which pedals are "always on" or that you use the least,

     - Which power supply/case you are using,

     - The primary use(s) of your setup (studio, live, practice, etc.)

     - We ask additional questions as necessary

2) Initial Layouts

     - Pictures of multiple layouts that could work for you

     - You then provide feedback on which layouts/attribute you prefer

     - We continue curating layouts until you are satisfied

3) Final Layout

     - Picture of final layout design

     - Dimensions and specifications of the final layout

     - Calculated length of 3M Dual Lock needed for all parts and pedals

     - Quote (using website costing) of all parts

4) You place the parts order at your convenience


* FREE RETURN SHIPPING provided on all unused parts within 30 days of delivery


Custom Builds include everything in the Layout Design Consulting, as well as the following attributes:

1) CAD models of each layout design with all pedals labelled

2) Preassembly of parts and application of 3M Dual Lock to parts prior to shipping

3) The option to send us your gear for us to assemble and return with free shipping both ways

4) A curated, custom listing to purchase all parts by selecting a single product labeled "[Your] Custom Build", rather than having to select each part individually prior to ordering.